Beth Reynolds

Beth Reynolds, General Manager at MediaWorks 360

Beth Reynolds has a passion for making and selling great content with smart, creative people. As a consumer marketing expert, Beth helps our clients find better customers, improve profitability, and develop new revenue streams.  She has over 20 years’ experience working on major consumer magazine brands at Time Inc., Primedia, and National Geographic as well as niche enthusiast titles at The Taunton Press.  In fact she is so passionate about subscriptions, she is building a subscription box business in her free time.

Beth’s secret weapon is her willingness to focus intensely on what the business needs right now. Sometimes that means coaching a creative team through a tight deadline.  Sometimes that means ordering the product over and over to understand and improve the customer’s experience.  In every case, Beth’s goal is to examine everything that drives your business and give it what it needs to move forward.