Multi-Platform Content

MediaWorks 360's platform tool coordinates content development, digital rights and labor costs of content across an enterprise.  Drop the spreadsheets and off-the-shelf database systems to manage multiple stores and staff across multiple media platforms.  It can now be cared for in a single, unified web-based application.

Integrated Media Planner (IMP)

We have developed one, unified system that integrates the content process, from generating and curating ideas to choosing which platform to distribute and when. Several publishing companies have fully implemented the system and it has been the catalyst to making the full transition to operating in a multi-platform environment.
The integrated media system manages the full lifecycle of the content process, working as a standalone or in concert with an existing content management system (CMS). Our software is seamless and works with all platforms equally – print, digital, social, video and events.
We create a unified calendar across all brands, departments, channels and media. Our system tracks assignments, both internal and freelance, resource loads and time spent. It can integrate with your accounting system to save time & resources approving and paying invoices. Reports are easily generated to measure progress and results.

Manage integrated advertising campaigns:

The system also improves tracking integrated advertising campaigns, giving you the ability to manage multiple, complex deliverables for clients in all platforms...It’s simple to track multiple-format projects for large, single clients. Similar to the content benefits, you can generate ideas across groups, schedule and track all projects, create cost estimates and track P&L’s for each deliverable and the overall client.