Premium Price Memberships

Bundle your brand assets to increase your brand value

brand-audience development

We have extensive experience working with such brands and companies as This Old House, TEN: The Enthusiast Network and other major sports and entertainment properties, designing and launching premium-priced affinity and subscription programs.
These programs allow the owner of a brand to bundle assets (print, digital, video, archives, experiential, etc.) at premium price points. It also creates opportunities for your advertisers to engage in a relationship with your best customers through deals, discounts, and additional content.
The model is designed to build incremental, organic revenue by giving more to your best customers as well as acquiring new customers through the marketing process. You build a pool of super-subscribers, improve engagement/renewals and grow your wallet share in the affinity. Programs are fully turnkey or adaptable to work within your existing resources.

Build a Strategic Consumer Hierarchy


consumer hierarchy


Streamline all subscription offerings into a logical hierarchy, deploying a single marketing budget that maximizes consumer ROI and LTV.  This strategy allows brands to consolidate customer service touch points to allow for automated up-selling and down-selling, creating frictionless transactions through establishing a single credit card-on-file.  As a byproduct, the ecosystem encourages offline-to-online payment migration across all consumer relationships.