Legacy Cost Solutions

Current infrastructure and processes have not changed to meet the new demand of today’s marketplace and no longer support growing your business.  Lower your legacy costs but continue to take advantage of the latest in rapidly evolving techniques and technology.


Legacy Cost Solutions


Consumer Marketing


Consumer Marketing

MediaWorks 360 has deep experience in consumer response through all channels; mail, digital, experiential and the retail marketplace. Finding the right consumer with the most effective response drives our planning and marketing.

Subscription Marketing

MediaWorks 360 actively manages every facet of subscription marketing; developing & maintaining planning models, new business acquisition, retention, list rental, agent production and online & email strategies. We invest time upfront, analyzing your metrics as we engage in your business, developing operational and strategic initiatives designed to optimize performance from both response and financial perspectives.

Retail Marketing

MediaWorks 360 actively challenges the norm at retail and by examining the channel though a different lens, where “status quo” no longer prevails. Continuing to operate under old metrics is no longer valid. MediaWorks 360 adds value by focusing on the vastly changing consumer.


Integrated Media Production

Lower the cost of production: premedia, layout, design, pre-press & printing, but take a step forward in the latest industry innovations.


Pre-Media & Production

Premedia Production

We offer a complete suite of media production services: layout, design, editing & color for mobile, web or print. Our multiple facilities across the US and around the world create 24/7 production cycles to handle spikes in demand, allowing you to stay on time and on budget.


The ever-expanding list of mobile devices creates content requirements that can quickly burden production departments. Our mobile production services are the solution. Our teams handle everything from mobile page assembly and interactivity integration to video transcoding and placement. As a certified mobile developer, your files will meet the exacting standards of today’s platforms.

Content Management Systems

We offer a system which serves as the cornerstone of our ability to support integrated media production. Our system approach provides a front-end interface for the ingestion of images, video and text. This content can be easily searched to create new sets of content, dynamically generated in many cases through the use of templates specific to emerging platforms. This solution typically works in conjunction with a separate, underlying digital asset management solution.

Design & Creative

We provide design and creative resources which partner with your team to bring your ideas to life. Our partners offer world-class design, photography, video and post-production services for some of the largest publishing & retail brands world.