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The Taunton Press Expands Consulting Relationship with MediaWorks 360

Norwalk, CT – October 20, 2016

MediaWorks 360 announced today that they will expanding their consulting relationship to provide The Taunton Press, the premier, multi-channel media company, producer of Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Fine Gardening, Fine Cooking and Threads with senior management of their book publishing business.

Dan McCarthy, CEO of The Taunton Press stated, “MediaWorks 360 has consulted with Taunton for the past year, managing our newsstand business.  They have been remarkably effective, increasing sell-through and profitability and providing intelligence and guidance around new and existing products.  Their wealth of experience in product development, multiple media formats, distribution and retail sales is precisely what we need as we grow our book business.”

Mark Peterson, Partner at MediaWorks 360 states, “It has been our pleasure to work with such a great organization like Taunton over the past year.  We look forward to continuing our support of their transformation on multiple fronts.”

About MediaWorks 360:

MediaWorks 360 guides organizations through the intersection of old and new media, providing transformative solutions for consumer brands:

  • Legacy Cost Reductions: Our expertise can help reduce legacy costs company-wide from subscription & newsstand marketing to pre-press, production and digital services.
  • Audience Development: Discover the power of bundling a brand’s assets to build unique, premium-priced subscription programs.  Many publishers have assets siloed in print, digital, experiential, archives, etc., but few have bundled them to generate a new, organic revenue stream.  We have the expertise and the platform.
  • Transformative Content Expertise & Tools: Multi-platform content strategy allowing companies to effectively “create once-publish anywhere”, with an emphasis on digital-first.  Our program drives savings by simplifying the workflow and providing a system to support it.

Learn more about MediaWorks 360 at

About The Taunton Press:

Founded in 1975 as The Taunton Press, Taunton Inc. provides high-quality information and inspiration to special-interest enthusiast and professional craftspeople in the woodworking, home building, cooking, gardening, and crafts markets. Taunton, Inc. is renowned for its high-quality content and relies on the support of its readers for its business success. Taunton, Inc. publishes magazines, books, websites and provides digital products and services to enhance the skill levels of enthusiasts in each of its markets. Its leading brands include Fine WoodworkingFine HomebuildingFine CookingFine GardeningThreads and  Taunton, Inc. is an independent, family-owned company.