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Legacy Solutions

Audience Development

Drive growth and create savings by supplementing or outsourcing circulation marketing, newsstand marketing or data management with our audience development strategies.

Create Growth & Savings

Our proven audience development strategies drive growth and create savings by supplementing or outsourcing circulation marketing, newsstand marketing or data management.  Whether it’s growing your audience through email, direct mail, social, 3rd party partners, expire or retail marketing, we have the solutions to assist you in deriving smart solutions to complex issues.

Circulation Marketing

We have deep experience in consumer response through all channels; email, social, web, experiential and the retail marketplace. Finding the right consumer with the most effective response drives our planning and marketing.

Newsstand Marketing

We challenge the norm in the retail marketplace by examining the channel through a ROI lens, where “status quo” no longer prevails. With a focus on the future, continuing to operate under old metrics is no longer valid.

Data Management

Our experience, real-time data & proprietary scoring algorithms help us customize each customer journey effectively and less expensive than the larger data management companies. Optimize your acquisition funnel and ROI.

Kind Words From Our Clients.

See why brands select MediaWorks360 to help transform their business.

MediaWorks 360 has consulted with Taunton for the past year, managing our newsstand business.  They have been remarkably effective, increasing sell-through and profitability and providing intelligence and guidance around new and existing products.  Their wealth of experience in product development, multiple media formats, distribution and retail sales is precisely what we need as we grow our book business. MediaWorks 360 combines an expansive vision of the future of consumer-driven media with a practical orientation to the bottom line, and we are excited about exploring ways that we can expand Taunton’s business.

Dan McCarthy

Former CEO, The Taunton Press

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