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Membership Strategy

Monetize your audience.

These days brand users consume content through a variety of ways – print, digital, video, and experiential but what they actually crave is quality and authority. This demand creates an opportunity for brands thriving on quality to bundle their assets into premium-priced subscription programs for their enthusiasts, generating a new, recurring, organic revenue stream. This is where our membership strategy comes in.

At MediaWorks360, we offer end-to-end solutions for businesses to scope out, design, launch and manage their unique premium-priced subscription programs. We help brands evaluate their assets and build a value proposition by bundling them into premium price membership programs.

Membership Strategy Collage

A Proven Membership Strategy for Recurring Revenue.

Subscription programs help a business thrive on customer relationships through recurring transactions.

Creating the value proposition

Value Proposition

Whether you are a streaming business or offer a monthly subscription box based on convenience, it is essential to determine your goals early and adopt a business model that works for you. We can help design a unique strategy for your target consumers.

Bundling Assets

Bundle Your Assets

Bundling your assets allows you further monetize existing assets which an be a game-changer for your business, creating new revenue streams, and consumer touch points while elevating your customers’ experience.

Drive Engagement

Providing consistent, accessible brand touch points drives engagement and loyalty which builds the foundation for recurring business. In order to monetize this relationship, best practicesis to offer a variety of options based on their level of engagement and billing relationship comfort.

The Consumer Hierarchy

Streamline all subscription offerings into a logical hierarchy, deploying a single marketing budget that maximizes consumer ROI and LTV.  This strategy allows brands to consolidate customer service touch points for automated up-selling and down-selling, creating frictionless transactions through a single credit card-on-file.  As a byproduct, the ecosystem encourages offline-to-online payment migration across all consumer relationships.

Audiences love communities.

Don’t take our word for it, see what members of our programs are saying.

The TOH crew showed us how to do it and how to do it right. Becoming an Insider was a no-brainer!

Andy & Marge, Illinois

This Old House Insiders

Let me tell you, I am in LOVE with Skinwalker Ranch Insider! I’d pay more!

Cristina Gomez

Skinwalker Ranch Insider

There’s a lot packed into this subscription. Some of the recipes I’m definitely going to make again. By the end of testing, my cooking confidence was higher and I was excited about how many new, easy recipes I’d discovered.


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