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The Taunton Press selects MediaWorks 360 for Newsstand Marketing

Norwalk, CT – July 17, 2015 –

MediaWorks 360 announced today its agreement to provide ongoing newsstand consulting services to The Taunton Press, the premier, multi-channel media company, producer of Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Fine Gardening, Fine Cooking and Threads.

The agreement will position MediaWorks 360 as a transformative partner in several areas of Taunton’s operations, including:

Assuming responsibility for the sales and marketing of Taunton’s brands at retailers and newsstands across the country. Working with Taunton’s content teams and the retail distribution channel, MediaWorks 360 will help to bring their best products to market.

Exploring premium-priced subscription affinity programs – well suited for Taunton’s vertical, enthusiast brands.

Evaluating content workflow and systems to offer best practices, as Taunton fully transforms into a multi-platform content provider.

Dan McCarthy, CEO of The Taunton Press stated, “MediaWorks 360 combines an expansive vision of the future of consumer-driven media with a practical orientation to the bottom line, and we are excited about exploring ways that we can expand Taunton’s business.”

Mark Peterson, Partner at MediaWorks 360 states, “We are very excited to be working with such a great organization with such strong brands as Taunton continues to unlock their potential.”

View our case study here.

About MediaWorks 360:

MediaWorks 360 guides organizations through the intersection of old and new media, providing transformative solutions for consumer brands:

  • Legacy cost solutions such as subscription & retail marketing and multiple production services allows companies to reduce costs, while supporting investment in growth initiatives.
  • Premium-priced subscription programs which use multiple brand assets to build organic revenue streams and improve engagement with core customers
  • Expertise and systems to transform your business into a multi platform content engine

About The Taunton Press:

Taunton, Inc., is a multi-channel media company that provides high-quality information and inspiration to special interest enthusiasts and professional craftspeople.